Learning RStudio for R Statistical Computing

I am happy to announce that our book on RStudio has been released last week.

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  1. Tal Galili says:

    Congratulations Mark!
    I hope it will get many readers 🙂

    How updated is the book compared to RStudio's new features?

    p.s: please add some plugin to allow people to get e-mail updates of new comments on your blog.


    • mark says:

      Hi Tal!

      Well the book was finished just before shiny was released, that's not included. (I'm sure that shiny will mature more, so maybe it is
      for the best for now). The new 'build' tab was released as we were revmanagediewing chapter six, so we managed to squeeze some of that in. We do discuss some hadley-stuff 😉 like the really devtools package. Roxygen2 is treated as well.

  2. Hello Mark,
    I am presently reading this book and its really a good experience.
    What i miss - is a few examples on various industry specific uses - i think may be it is out of scope.
    Also wanted to know which is the best book to learn R - looking for a book that covers all topics for R programming.


    • mark says:

      Hi Girish, glad to hear you like it so far, i hope the book is useful to you!

      It is always hard to choose industry examples since they tend to be useful to select groups. We chose the abalone dataset since it is, easily available's and contains many properties that allowed us to demonstrate rstudio's functionality.

      As or R-books: there are many, but i liked r in a nutshell by Steven Addler. Norman Matlof's Art of R programming is also excellent. I also learned a huge amount just by scrolling through R-bloggers every day. There are so many functions; you just need to sortof run into them.

      I like the books mentioned above since they are really about R and not about ' with R'. but this is really a matter of taste, and by no means a critisism on other ooks. Also, i should mention that the books above contain no exercises, and that may be something you are looking for.

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