stringdist 0.9.4 and 0.9.3: distances between integer sequences

A new release of stringdist has been accepted on CRAN.

stringdist offers a number of popular distance functions between sequences of integers or characters that are independent of character encoding.

version 0.9.4

  • bugfix: edge case for zero-size for lower tridiagonal dist matrices (caused UBSAN to fire, but gave correct results).
  • bugfix in jw distance: not symmetric for certain cases (thanks to github user gtumuluri)

Since 0.9.3, stringdist can compute distances between integer sequences, and you can use hashr to compute an integer representation of any (sequence of) R objects, based on the superFastHash algorithm of Paul Hsieh.

version 0.9.3

  • new functions computing distances between integer sequences: seq_dist, seq_distmatrix
  • new function for tokenizing integer sequences: seq_qgrams
  • new function for matching integer sequences: seq_amatch
  • q-gram based distances are now always 0 when q=0 (used to be Inf if at least one of the arguments was not the empty string)
  • stringdist, stringdistmatrix now emit warning when presented with list argument
  • small c-side code optimizations
  • bugfix in dl, lv, osa distance: weights were not taken into account properly (thanks to Zach Price)

All code on github.

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