gower 0.2.0 is on CRAN

A new version of R package gower has just been released on CRAN.

Thanks to our new contributor David Turner who was kind enough to provide a pull request, gower now also computes weighted gower distances.

From the NEWS file:

  • gower_dist and gower_topn gain weight argument for weighted matching (thanks to David Turner)
  • gower_dist and gower_topn gain ignore_case argument for automatic column matching.
  • gower_dist now returns numeric(0) invisibly when there are no columns to compare.
  • gower_topn now returns a list with empty matrices when there are no columns to compare.
  • gower_topn now warns when n>nrow(y) and sets n=nrow(y)
  • bugfix: comparing factors with characters would cause a crash (thanks to max Kuhn)

Compute Gower's distance (or similarity) coefficient between records. Compute the top-n matches between records. Core algorithms are executed in parallel on systems supporting OpenMP.

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