validate 1.0.1: new features and a cookbook

Version 1.0.1 of our validate package has arrived on CRAN on 2020-12-08. At the same time, a complete Data Validation Cookbook has been published online, and is also included with the package as a vignette.

The new features of validate 1.0.1 include

  • Improved visualisation for data validation results
  • Easier to select data that passes or fails at least one data validation rule
  • Improved support for data in long format, including
    • Checking aggregations over hierarchical classifications
    • Checking linear sequences, such as time series
    • Checking generic part-whole relations
    • Checking for presence or absence of whole records
    • Check for presence of forbidden value combinations
  • Support for checking field formats and value ranges
    • Checking numeric formats
    • Check field lengths
    • Check numeric ranges
  • Support for globbing and regular expressions.
  • Several new example data sets

As mentioned, a brand new cookbook was added that will not only teach you how to use validate, but also demonstrates many examples of common data validation tasks, and how they can be performed with validate. The cookbook replaces two old vignettes
and can be opend from the commandline with:

vignette("cookbook", package="validate")

For a full list of changes, please have a look at release notes in the NEWS file.

For suggestions, questions, bug reports, please create an issue at GitHub

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