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stringdist 0.8: now with soundex

An update to the stringdist package was released earlier this month. Thanks to a contribution of Jan van der Laan the package now includes a method to compute soundex codes as defined here. Briefly, soundex encoding aims to translate words … Continue reading

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I came accross this post on SO, where several solutions to sorting data.frames are presented. It must have been solved a million times, but here's a solution I like to use. It benefits from the fact that sort is an … Continue reading

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Review of "Building interactive graphs with ggplot2 and shiny"

Recently, Packt published a video course with the above title, and I've just spent a pleasant morning reviewing it on Packt's request. Pleasant, because I think the course gives an excellent introduction to both ggplot2 and shiny. The course is … Continue reading

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A bit of benchmarking with string distances

After my last post about the stringdist package, Zachary Mayer pointed out to me that the implementation of the Levenshtein and Jaro-Winkler distances implemented in the RecordLinkage package are about two-three times faster. His benchmark compares randomly generated character strings … Continue reading

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Approximate string matching in R

I have released a new version of the stringdist package. Besides a some new string distance algorithms it now contains two convenient matching functions: amatch: Equivalent to R's match function but allowing for approximate matching. ain: Similar to R's %in% … Continue reading

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The stringdist package

String metrics have important applications in web search, spelling correction and computational biology amongst others. Many different metrics exist, but the most well-known are based on counting the number of basic edit operations it takes to turn one string into … Continue reading

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Learning RStudio for R Statistical Computing

I am happy to announce that our book on RStudio has been released last week. Markdown with by wp-gfm

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Representation of numerical NA's in R and the 1954 enigma

I've always wondered how exactly the missing value (NA) in R is represented under the hood. Last weekend I was working on a little project that gave me enough excuse to spend some time on finding this out. So, I … Continue reading

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Deductive imputation with the deducorrect package

Missing data hinders statistical analyses. Estimating missing values (imputation) prior to analysis is one way to deal with that. In some cases however, the missings need not be estimated at all, since they can be derived with certainty from other … Continue reading

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What do your rules look like? editrules 1.8-x answers with the help of igraph

We (Edwin de Jonge and me) have recently updated our editrules package. The most important new features include (beta) support for categorical data. However, in this post I'm going to show some visualizations we included, made possible by Gabor Csardi's … Continue reading

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