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A multidimensional "which" function

update Henrik Bengtsson commented that which(x, arr.ind=TRUE) gives the same result, rendering the blog below academic (thanks for the comment!). So, for academic interest, I'll leave it. In my defense, I implemented this kind of functionality in C some time … Continue reading

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Fourier-Motzkin elimination with the editrules package

Last week I talked about our editrules package[1,2] at the useR!2011 conference. In the coming time I plan to write a short series of blogs about the functionality of editrules. Below I describe the eliminate and isFeasible functions. But first: … Continue reading

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useR!2011 ended yesterday. First of all, much thanks to the organizers who managed to run a conference with 400+ participants, from 41 countries smoothly. Thumbs up! It was great to meet some people from the R blog-O-sphere in person, like … Continue reading

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Improving data quality with deducorrect

Does your raw numerical data suffer from typos? sign errors? variable swaps? rounding errors? You may be able to fix all that with the deducorrect package. Today, we (that is Edwin de Jonge, Sander Scholtus and myself) uploaded the, 1.0-0 … Continue reading

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