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Make your package spherical

Larger packages typically consist of functions that are visible to the users (exported functions) and functions that are used by the exported functions, but that are invisible to the user. For example: # exported, user-visible function inch2cm <- function(x){ x*conversion_factor("inch") … Continue reading

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uRos2019: tutorials, keynote speakers, registration and call for papers!

The 7th use of R in Official Statistics conference is the event for all things R in the production and use of government statistics. The 7th installment of this conference will take place from 20 to 21 May 2019 at … Continue reading

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The program for uRos2018 is online

The uRos2018 conference is aimed at professionals and academics who are involved in producing or consuming official (government) statistics. We are happy to announce that we recently posted the full program of the 6th international conference on the use of … Continue reading

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The use of R in official statistics conference 2018

On September 12-14 the 6th international conference on the use of R in official statistics (#uRos2018) will take place at the Dutch National Statistical Office in Den Haag, the Netherlands. The conference is aimed at producers and users of official … Continue reading

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validate version 0.1.5 is out

A new version of the validate package for data validation was just accepted on CRAN and will be available on all mirrors in a few days. The most important addition is that you can now reference the data set as … Continue reading

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Simple pattern detection in numerical data

A while ago I helped out a colleague who was testing some methods to detect economic (in)activity of companies, based on their quarterly tax declarations (our institute has access to such data). One of the thing my colleague wanted was to detect simple patterns, … Continue reading

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