validate 0.9.3 is on CRAN

CRAN just accepted the latest version of our R package validate.

The validate package provides an infrastructure to perform any data quality check in a flexible and extensible way.

This is a minor update with the following new features:

  • New functions exists_any and exists_one to help define cross-record validation rules (thanks to David Salgado)
  • results of sort and aggregate now include key columns (if any)
  • Added JSS paper and CITATION file.

We are also very happy to report that our paper on validate has been accepted by the Journal of Statistical Software. It will take a while before it is published but a preprint was added as a vignette.

  • [PDF] M. van der Loo and E. de Jonge, "Data validation infrastructure for R," Journal of statistical software, vol. 97, p. 1–31, 2021.
    title = {Data Validation Infrastructure for {R}},
    year = {2021},
    author = {MPJ van der Loo and E de Jonge},
    journal = {Journal of Statistical Software},
    pages = {1--31},
    volume = {97},
    note = {},
    pdf = {}

darth validator

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  1. The link to the preprint gives a 404 error.

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